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Course/Certification Available Dates classroom & Online (Iweek class)
CHFI v10 Training and Certification March: 2020
Weekday: Mar 09-13 , Mar 23-26
Weekend: Mar 21-22 Mar 28-29
CHFI v10 Training and Certification April: 2010
Weekday: Apr 13-17, Apr 27-May 01
Weekend: Apr 11-12, Apr 25-26
CHFI v10 Training and Certification May: 2020
Weekday: May 04-07, May 18-21
Weekend: May 02-03, May 16-17, May 30-31
CHFI v10 Training and Certification June: 2020
Weekday: Jun 01-04, Jun 15-18
Weekend: Jun 06-07, Jun 20-21, Jun 27-28
CHFI v10 Training and Certification July:2020
Weekday: Jul 13-16, Jul 27-30
Weekend: Jul 11-12, Jul 18-19, Jul 25-26

EC-Council releases the most advanced Computer Forensic Investigation program in the world. CHFIv8 presents a detailed methodological approach to computer forensics and evidence analysis. It is a comprehensive course covering major forensic investigation scenarios that enable students to acquire hands-on experience on various forensic investigation techniques and standard tools necessary to successfully carry-out a computer forensic investigation.

Battles between corporations, governments, and countries are no longer fought using physical force. Cyber war has begun and the consequences can be seen in every day life. With the onset of sophisticated cyber-attacks, the need for advanced cyber security and investigation training is a mandate in the present day. If you or your organization requires the knowledge or skills to identify, track, and prosecute the cybercriminals, then this is the course for you. This course helps students to excel in digital evidence acquisition, handling and analysis in a forensically sound manner. Acceptable in a court of law, these skills will lead to successful prosecutions in various types of security incidents such as data breaches, corporate espionage, insider threats and other intricate cases involving computer systems.

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Time: 2 days

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