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Manage data, execute commands and administer your Linux & UNIX environments with Linux & UNIX training courses.Learn to take full advantage of a Linux or UNIX operating system with Learning Tree’s Linux and UNIX training courses. From the basics of installation and configuration to controlling access, manipulating files and writing reusable, robust shell Scripts, you can gain the skills you need to build, manage and optimize your preferred platform.

Bring greater efficiency to your IT infrastructure by learning to employ the standardized and finely tuned processes of the Linux operating system in your enterprise environment. In this training course, you gain the Foundation knowledge and skills to administer and support your Linux OS, and learn to control permissions, process data, and perform administrative tasks.

Course Content

Time: 5 days
  • Introducing Linux  0/0

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  • Accessing the System  0/0

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  • Managing Files and Directories  0/0

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  • Controlling Access to Linux Resources  0/0

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  • Leveraging Bash Shell Features  0/0

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  • Automating Tasks with Shell Scripts  0/0

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  • Executing Jobs and Processes.  0/0

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Basic computer knowledge and familiarity operating a computer system

Why Apc Learning?

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    • Excellent Passing Record of more than 99%.
    • Accredited & Expert Trainers having 12+ years of industry experience.
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    • Excellent Feedback from all the participants.

You Will Learn How To

    • Administer and support Linux in your environment
    • Manage and automate GNU open-source tools
    • Create, edit, and search files and directories
    • Connect to network services
    • Run shell scripts for automation
    • Important Course Information


    • This course uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • Concepts taught are applicable to all Linux distributions



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