Machine Learning


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Machine Learning has become an entrenched part of everyday life. The books we buy, the movies we watch, the sports we follow, the driving directions we get are driven by Machine Learning algorithms. It is one of the most exciting fields of computing today. And Machine Learning practitioners are in high demand, with a shortfall of 250,000 data scientists forecast.

Course Content

Total learning: 2 lessons Time: 5 days
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  0/1

  • Lesson 2: Techniques of Machine Learning  0/0

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  • Lesson 3: Data Preprocessing   0/0

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  • Lesson 4: Math Refresher  0/0

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  • Lesson 5: Regression  0/0

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  • Lesson 6: Classification  0/0

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  • Lesson 7: Unsupervised learning - Clustering  0/0

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  • Lesson 8: Introduction to Deep Learning  0/1


  • Participants in this Machine Learning online course should have:

  • Familiarity with the fundamentals of Python programming

  • Basic high school mathematics

  • Understanding of the basics of statistics

  • The course covers concepts of mathematics & statistics required for machine learning and we will provide you with a free Python course when you purchase our Machine Learning course.

Key Features

  • 36 hours of instructor-led training

  • Gain expertise with 25+ hands-on exercises

  • Practical application of 15+ Machine Learning algorithms

  • Master the concepts of Supervised & Unsupervised Learning

What do I need to do to unlock my Apc Learning certificate?

Online Classroom:

  • Attend one complete batch.

  • Complete 1 project.

  • Online Self-Learning:

    • Complete 85% of the course.

    • Complete 1 project.



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